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The GVGL is NOT A PEDOPHILE. See the page “Not a Pedophile” to learn why.

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    The GVGL is a human being. He is an adult male, he lives somewhere in the Genesee valley region of New York, and his main aesthetic, romantic, and sexual attraction is to girls from when they learn to walk to the mid-point of Tanner Stage III puberty. That's it.
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Still Here

Posted by gvgl on February 2, 2013

To the dismay of some, to the joy of others, the GVGL is still here. Alive and well. There have been many changes in the GVGL’s life in the past year, most for the better. He has more changes to look forward to, and hopes that they too will be for the better. It is the GVGL’s most sincere hope that 2013 will allow him to devote more time the The Genesee Valley Girl Lover, and more time socializing with others who share his pedosexual orientation. More time socializing with prepubescent girls would be nice also.

To end this short update, The GVGL would like to bring attention to another blog, authored by none other than Tom O’Carroll, a legendary figure within the pedosexual community. Tom is the blogger the GVGL wishes HE could be. Pedosexuals, and other with minds not chained shut, should enjoy Tom’s blog, Heretic TOC.


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The GVGL wonders

Posted by gvgl on August 19, 2012

He wonders why idiots insist on calling him a pedophile, when he makes it very clear that he isn’t a pedophile. Yes, Maggie, the GVGL is talking to YOU. The GVGL’s JOB may disgust you (which is funny because you don’t know what it is) but YOU disgust the GVGL also. Ignorance is disgusting.

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Posted by gvgl on June 8, 2012

Today the GVGL met an obnoxious woman. The GVGL feels sorry for her children and any man or woman unfortunate enough to become involve with this useless specimen of humanity. It turns the stomach.

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Happy Alice Day

Posted by gvgl on April 25, 2012

A pedosexual know as Whiteraven wrote this.

Rowing through life
A sunny day with heat rife,
With glistening water and Alice—
Oh Alice, sweet little girl of seven,
An angel surely sent from heaven.
She was worth far more than ten shillings and six pence,
More than his logical mind could make of his heart’s sense;
For he was an inventor and yet also a teacher,
A lover of words and a preacher.
He even loved to do artistic studies of girls nude,
Yet he was a complex man and even a prude.
But what brought him the most joy
Was little girls instead of boys
To tell his stories to.
And Alice stuck to memory—everlasting glue.
He even had a bit of stutter;
Yet in words on paper and behind a shutter,
He captured her essence,
For she was his muse of greatest presence.
The day he met her, too,
Was a white-stone day with skies of azure blue.
Many years have come and passed,
Yet their bond forever did last—
Not, perhaps, in their own time,
But through the photos, stories, and rhymes.
Myths and legends of his life abound,
Yet his love for girls—especially Alice—is truly sound.
And on this day,
A few before the month of May,
Charles and Alice did joyfully meet,
And the rest is celebrated and a pure treat.

Charles is of course Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll, author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll is quite possibly the world’s best known pedosexual girl lover.

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Posted by gvgl on January 28, 2012

The GVGL didn’t get what he wanted for Christmas.

But seriously folks, he did get to spend some time with one of the best girls in the Genesee Valley. And for that he’s very thankful. The GVGL loves her very much!

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Lest They Forget – In Honor of David Webb

Posted by gvgl on October 29, 2011




he forgot.

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A Comment on AoA

Posted by gvgl on October 26, 2011

When pedosexuals like the GVGL talk together our AoA (Age of Attraction) is an expected question. We also talk about where we work, where we live, what music we listen to, our hobbies and things like that but knowing another pedosexual’s AoA is a quick way to know if you and he will have a common interest in girls. If a pedosexual with an A0A of 8-13 meets another with an AoA of 0-5, they aren’t likely to be interested in the same girls, but they will likely share a common interest in civil liberties, human rights, and resisting bigotry and stupidity.

Non-pedosexuals often have the mistaken belief that AoA is a rigid measure of our attraction, and that once a girl turns 6, a pedosexual with an AoA of 0-5 will loose interest in her. This is almost never the case. The GVGL has never met a pedosexual with such an abrupt beginning or end to their AoA. The GVGL prefers to describe his AoA in developmental terms like from when they learn to walk to the mid-point of Tanner Stage III puberty. Even in developmental terms that AoA remains a guideline and not a rigid range of development.

So why does the GVGL even discuss this? Because today he saw a picture of a girl that he found very attractive even if she was probably older than the girls he is normally attracted to. She was in an advertisement for Our Lady of Mercy High School. She’s the blue-eyed blond in a white polo shirt studying on the grass. The GVGL doesn’t know if she’s a model or really a student and it doesn’t matter. The GVGL thinks she’s attractive even though she’s probably at or past the mid-point of Tanner Stage III puberty.

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Even Harvard is Ignorant

Posted by gvgl on June 22, 2011

Even Harvard can be clueless when it comes to Pedosexuals. Here an organization the GVGL supports sets them straight.

Don’t worry friends, the GVGL is alive and kicking. LGs occupy a lot of his time, so he can’t post as often as he would like to, but he’s still here and looking forward to his summer pilgrimages.

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Shower Time

Posted by gvgl on May 19, 2011

Another “Girl Moment”

The GVGL doesn’t write much but some of you will remember a few months ago when he posted a girl moment about two girls who made a boob, a penis, and a turd from modeling clay while he was supervising them. The younger girl struck again yesterday. The GVGL was visiting is the best way to describe it. It was approaching bedtime. She needed a shower. Next thing the GVGL knows she’s naked. But holding a small article of clothing in her hand. “Close your eyes!” she demands! “Bend down!” she demands! The GVGL feels her pulling on the collar of his shirt. A small article of clothing is inserted between his chest and his shirt. He open his eyes and she’s laughing. He reaches up his shirt and remove the underwear she’s just taken off. She laughs hysterically. She heads to the shower after directing the GVGL to the clothing hamper. Her servant the GVGL surely is. Alone briefly, he inhales deeply. The scent, though subtle, is unmistakable. Girls do the most amazing things when they trust you and haven’t been taught to be ashamed of themselves. their bodies, or their bodily functions.

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Off Topic

Posted by gvgl on May 17, 2011

The GVGL got the see the movie Your Friends & Neighbors this movie Saturday. It was ok but he’s seen FAR better like Sundays & Cybele. In all Your Friends & Neighbors was a forgettable movie. The GVGL can’t see many people wanting to see it twice.

For the GVGL the best parts were when the three main male characters talked about their best fucks. The first guy to describe his best fuck says that its himself. “Nobody does me like me” or similar. Stroking his cock is his best fuck. The second guy, with misogynist tendencies, says that his best fuck was when he participated in the gang rape of another male during high school. He says something like “the other guys fucked him just to teach him a lesson, but when I fucked him it was like we were making love.” Guy three seems embarrassed to talk about his best fuck. In frustration he declares to guy number one that “your wife” was my best fuck. Of course he has been pursuing an affair with his friends wife, and had the chance, but couldn’t “get it up” for her, so he’s never fucked her.

A dullish movie takes on a new level of humor when you’re an exclusive pedosexual.

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