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The GVGL is NOT A PEDOPHILE. See the page “Not a Pedophile” to learn why.

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    The GVGL is a human being. He is an adult male, he lives somewhere in the Genesee valley region of New York, and his main aesthetic, romantic, and sexual attraction is to girls from when they learn to walk to the mid-point of Tanner Stage III puberty. That's it.
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Happy Alice Day

Posted by gvgl on April 25, 2012

A pedosexual know as Whiteraven wrote this.

Rowing through life
A sunny day with heat rife,
With glistening water and Alice—
Oh Alice, sweet little girl of seven,
An angel surely sent from heaven.
She was worth far more than ten shillings and six pence,
More than his logical mind could make of his heart’s sense;
For he was an inventor and yet also a teacher,
A lover of words and a preacher.
He even loved to do artistic studies of girls nude,
Yet he was a complex man and even a prude.
But what brought him the most joy
Was little girls instead of boys
To tell his stories to.
And Alice stuck to memory—everlasting glue.
He even had a bit of stutter;
Yet in words on paper and behind a shutter,
He captured her essence,
For she was his muse of greatest presence.
The day he met her, too,
Was a white-stone day with skies of azure blue.
Many years have come and passed,
Yet their bond forever did last—
Not, perhaps, in their own time,
But through the photos, stories, and rhymes.
Myths and legends of his life abound,
Yet his love for girls—especially Alice—is truly sound.
And on this day,
A few before the month of May,
Charles and Alice did joyfully meet,
And the rest is celebrated and a pure treat.

Charles is of course Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, better known as Lewis Carroll, author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

Lewis Carroll is quite possibly the world’s best known pedosexual girl lover.

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Happy 2011

Posted by gvgl on January 4, 2011

The GVGL would like to wish all his fans and all the little girls he loves a very happy new year. The GVGL’s resolution for this year is to work hard on getting more little girls into his daily life. That’s an admirable goal for all girl orientated pedosexuals. Little girls love our company, and we love them, so striving to spend more time with them is only natural.

Always love and respect little girls!

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Posted by gvgl on November 14, 2010

It’s said Sweet Child O’ Mine was written about Axel Rose’s girl friend Erin Everly. If it weren’t for the fact that Casey wasn’t alive when Sweet Child O’ Mine was written the GVGL would think Guns N’ Roses wrote the song for Casey, for Casey truly has got eyes of the bluest skies as if they thought of rain.

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An Alternate Definition of the Term ‘Girl Lover’

Posted by gvgl on May 5, 2010

The GVGL is a pedosexual (Pedosexual: An adult with an attraction to children that is comparable to or exceeds their attraction to adolescents or adults. The attraction in the definition covers the full aesthetic, romantic, and sexual attraction. Pedosexuals fall in love with children) girl lover (Girl love: A framework for consensual and responsible relationships between adults and prepubescent or peripubescent girls.)

The GVGL realizes his definition is very dry and boring and stodgy and stuff like that. At a girl love forum today the GVGL found a much more approachable description of what a girl lover is. This description is courtesy of a highly regarded hebesexual girl lover calling himself Dissident. The GVGL takes the liberty of copying Dissident’s definition here, with a minor modification, shown in italics below.

Girl Lover as defined on this board and in our overall movement:

An adult or adolescent who has an attraction to and interest in ‘underage’ girls (either children, adolescents, or both) which is sexual, emotional, social, and (oftentimes) spiritual in approximately equal measure to each other. It’s not a simple sexual desire only. Genuine GLers respect the desires and wishes of girls, as well as their self-determined boundaries. They believe that girls are intelligent and, with the proper education and support, capable of making good decisions for themselves. GLers have a strong interest in girls’ subculture, personality characteristics, interests, and hobbies. They have a strong interest in every aspect of a girl’s world. They do find girls in their respective AoA to be physically attractive, to have great sex appeal, and consider them beautiful beyond all other things on Earth, but this is only one facet of their interest in girls. Most importantly, perhaps, a GLer is fully capable of falling in love with a girl in their respective AoA. Further, and also very importantly, GLers like girls on a strictly personal level, and enjoy befriending them, hanging out with them, engaging in public activities with them, and take joy just in seeing them be themselves and have fun.

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Falling in Love

Posted by gvgl on April 30, 2010

The GVGL has had this feeling before. It’s the feeling of falling in love. The GVGL wants to tell his family and friends. But the GVGL is falling in love with a nine year old girl. This is not the first time the GVGL has fallen in love with a girl whose age is in the single digits, and it won’t be the last. The GVGL is sad that so many people don’t really know what love is.

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Posted by gvgl on April 23, 2010


Nice number. What does it mean?

Is it the GVGL’s monthly income in dollars?
Is it the GVGL’s tax refund this year?
Is it the number of registered users at the GVGL’s favorite girl love forum?
Is it the number of girls the GVGL has cast his pedosexual gaze upon so far this year?

No. None of those. The number 1,760 represents the number of children in the United States who died in 2007 as a result of abuse or neglect, usually at the hands of their parents.

No matter how the fatal abuse occurs, one fact of great concern is that the perpetrators are, by definition, individuals responsible for the care and supervision of their victims. In 2007, one or both parents were responsible for 69.9 percent of child abuse or neglect fatalities. More than one-quarter (27.1 percent) of these fatalities were perpetrated by the mother acting alone. Child fatalities with unknown perpetrators accounted for 16.4 percent of the total.

So how many children died in 2007 as a result of a pedosexual girl lover loving them? The GVGL can’t find any reliable statistics, but he’d be willing to bet a lot of money that the number is zero, zilch, nada, none.

Yet, certain people (CJW, could the GVGL be talking about you?) think the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office should use its valuable resources investigating the GVGL. The GVGL is happy that the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office essentially told CJW to F***-off and die.

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“Consensual Child Love” is Redundant

Posted by gvgl on January 31, 2009

While working on The Manifesto, the GVGL was looking back at some information from Lindsay Ashford’s former website Puellula. The phrase consensual child love was used. This week the GVGL saw another example of this at a boy love site where the phrase “responsible boy love” was used.

The GVGL thinks in both cases that the phrases are redundant. Girl love is intrinsically consensual. The GVGL doesn’t know a lot about boy love, but as far as he’s concerned, if it isn’t consensual and responsible it isn’t boy love. Child love, which is a blanket term for girl love and boy love, is intrinsically consensual and responsible.

That’s why the GVGL is the Genesee Valley Girl Lover, not the Genesee Valley Pedosexual. He is a pedosexual by virtue of his primary attraction to the prepubescent. He is a girl lover because his relationships with prepubescent and peripubescent girls are consensual and responsible.

Some heterosexuals choose to engage in behavior that isn’t consensual or responsible. This ranges from forcible rape to lying or misleading others in order to convince them to have a relationship (usually sexual) with them. Unfortunately, some pedosexuals do the same. Such pedosexuals are not child lovers. Of course it’s important to remember though that many people having sexual contact with minors are situational child molesters whose primary orientation is not for children. See the Notes & References section of the page “Not a Pedophile” for more information.

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Girl Love and the Law

Posted by gvgl on February 6, 2008

Being a MAA is not illegal. Being a pedosexual is not illegal. Being a girl lover is not illegal. Being in a girl love relationship with a minor girl is not illegal. For an adult to have a sexual relationship with a minor girl is illegal in most jurisdictions, including the GVGL’s jurisdiction.

In preparing to write his manifesto, the GVGL was thinking about girl love and the law. He wondered if there were any laws that should be incorporated into the girl love framework. The answer is no. Girl love transcends the laws of any specific jurisdiction. The principles of girl love must be applicable in the USA and in the UK, in Canada and in Columbia, in Sweden and in Swaziland. The principles of girl love are high level and abstract, and as such they suggest to the girl lover how a decision should be made, not what decision should be made.

The GVGL doesn’t mean to suggest that girl lovers can just ignore the law. That would be foolish, and it’s vital for girl lovers to be aware of the laws and customs in their area covering sexual contact with young girls. So if the principles of girl love do not directly dictate to the girl lover that “Thou shalt always obey the law,” what do they say? Simply that the girl lover should always act in the best interest of the girl. Even though many girl lovers do not view sexual relationships between adults and minor girls as intrinsically harmful, it’s unlikely under the present climate in the USA that such a relationship would actually be in the best interest of the girl. It’s for this reason that nearly all girl lovers, including the GVGL, abstain from sexual relationships with minor girls. A commitment to acting in the best interest of the girl coupled with awareness of the law is sufficient to keep most girl lovers completely legal. This stands in stark contrast to the actions of the situational child molester, the boneheads entrapped by perverted justice, and the rare but frightening individuals who abduct and harm or kill girls. Girl lovers are truly a breed apart from such people.

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