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The GVGL is NOT A PEDOPHILE. See the page “Not a Pedophile” to learn why.

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    The GVGL is a human being. He is an adult male, he lives somewhere in the Genesee valley region of New York, and his main aesthetic, romantic, and sexual attraction is to girls from when they learn to walk to the mid-point of Tanner Stage III puberty. That's it.
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Girl love A framework for consensual and responsible relationships between adults and prepubescent or peripubescent girls.

MAA (aka Minor Attracted Adult) This term is widely used. The consensus definition is that the term applies to anyone with sexual attraction to persons below the age of majority. Realistically, this describes a very large percentage of all men, rending the term nearly useless. Some times MAA is taken to mean Minor Attracted Adolescent and as such it indicates an adolescent boy attracted to girls at least five years younger than himself. The GVGL thinks this term is too vague.
MAI (aka Minor Attracted Individual) This term has come into use on girl love forums over the past months. It’s an effort to find one term that can be equally applied to Minor Attracted Adults and Minor Attracted Adolescents. The GVGL thinks this term is an improvement over MAA, but he still think the term is too vague.
MAP (aka Minor Attracted Person) A slight variation on MAI. The GVGL’s comments about MAI apply here also.

Pedophile There is so little agreement on the meaning of this term that to use it without explicitly defining it is foolish. See the Not a pedophile post for a longer discussion.
Hebephile (aka Ephebephile) Like pedophile, but with the attraction geared towards adolescents.
Nepiophile (aka Infantophile) Like pedophile, but with the attraction geared towards the very young. The age range is considered birth to about four years old. Casually it’s those people with a sexual attraction to infants and toddlers. This term is not widely used.

Pedosexual From the Not a pedophile page: An adult with an attraction to children that is comparable to or exceeds their attraction to adolescents or adults. The attraction in the definition covers the full aesthetic, romantic, and sexual attraction. Pedosexuals fall in love with children.
Hebesexual An adult with an attraction to adolescents that is comparable to or exceeds their attraction to children or adults. The attraction in the definition covers the full aesthetic, romantic, and sexual attraction. Hebesexuals fall in love with adolescents.
Nepisexual An adult with an attraction to infants or toddlers that is comparable to or exceeds their attraction to children, adolescents, or adults. The attraction in the definition covers the full aesthetic, romantic, and sexual attraction. Nepisexuals fall in love with infants or toddlers. This term is rarely used.

Children Girls who have not experienced menarche, the first menstrual bleeding, which occurs on average at 12.5 years.
Adolescents Girls who have experienced menarche but have not yet reached the age of majority, which is usually 18 years.
Minor A female below the age of majority.
Adult A female at or past the age of majority.
The terms in this subsection have little use to the GVGL.

Prepubescent Corresponds to Tanner Stage I. Marks the time when a girl is completely free of pubic hair (except fine peach fuzz) and is completely flat-chested. Approximate ages birth to 10 years.
Peripubescent Corresponds to Tanner Stages II-IV. The midst of puberty.
Pubescent Corresponds to Tanner Stage V, Marks the attainment of the full adult breast contour and the spread of pubic hair to the medial surface of the thighs. Approximate age 16 years. The GVGL considers pubescent females to be women no matter what their chronological is.

(For more information on the stages of puberty, see the Wikipedia article on Tanner Stages.)

5 Responses to “Terminology”

  1. Desmond said

    I believe hebesexual should become the new term to describe someone attracted to children. If hebesexual is used only to describe adults attracted to adolescent persons then the term becomes useless. The standard biological age of adulthood is fourteen years of age, so any adult attracted to a person fourteen years old or older is simply human. Hebesexual becomes obsolete when it is understood that adults are attracted to young adults. The term hebesexual should simply replace the term pedosexual.

    The word pedosexual is a weak attempt to create a sexual orientation for pedophilia. This becomes a problem for two reasons. First, the word pedophilia etymologically means attraction to the ground. Second, the word pedophile has become synonymous with the term child molester. Ignorance has obscured the meaning of pedophile by using it as a tool to degrade and discriminate against those who are attracted to children. If the term pedosexual is used to describe adults attracted to children, then those ignorant people who misuse the word pedophile will debase the term pedosexual in order to continue using the word pedophile to ostracize those individuals attracted to children.

    Hebesexual, however, can be supported as a much stronger alternative to pedosexual. Hebe was the Greek goddess of youth who served the gods and goddesses their nectar and ambrosia. It is wise to use the term hebesexual to describe an adult attracted to youth (particularly children) and replace the term pedosexual. It is also a better term then pedosexual because it begins with an “H” like heterosexual and homosexual. This allows hebesexual to be seen as an equivalent to those two terms as if all three should be grouped together. Hebesexuality should be encouraged and embraced by those regarding themselves as pedophiles and a hebesexual movement should work to eliminate terms like pedophilia and pedophile from society.

  2. Truth said

    To all who hate us:
    (modified from shakespear)

    I am a pedosexual.
    Hath not a Pedo eyes?
    Hath not a Pedo hands,organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions;
    fed with the samefood, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases,
    heal’d by the same means, warm’d and cool’d by the same winter
    and summer, as you are?
    If you prick us, do we not bleed?
    If you tickle us, do we not laugh?
    If you poison us, do we not die?

    We are not monsters…………..we are just like you, only diffrent in how and whom we love.
    Is that so wrong?

  3. […] Terminology […]

  4. Ludovic said

    I just want to say hello, and encourage peds to remain hopeful. I am an ephebephile. proud to be one, it makes me unique. I have never laid a hand on a teen, much less am I a sociopathic manipulator which is the prejudice peds receive. When I have had the opportunity to speak to a teen, the naivete has made it morally impossible for me to make even the slightest “move”. However, in principle, and were our society more “out” about these orientations and without the terrible prejudices and parents who are well-intentioned in their ignorance about sexuality trying to protect the young and without the large generation gap between kids in school & adults out in the world, I honestly do not know how I feel morally in principle. In a different society, perhaps broader sexual mores would be feasible. perhaps. The effects on the underaged, positive or negative, have not been extensively researched. All there is is a prejudice and the majority’s vague disgust, just as it was (sometimes still is) in regard to homosexuals. In truth, I myself am disgusted to read articles about men who DO intentionally lure kids places and make them play these show-you-mine-if-u-show-me-yours games and literally rape them–are these violent sorts of people really pedophiles??? or are they a different, more pathological type we call “situational offender”? despite my orientation, I am nothing like that! and I’m sure many of you are not like that either! society confuses our sexual orientation with some child-rapist psychological trait that seems more sinister than run-of-the-mill pedosexuality. but that confusion results in all pedos being labeled as vicious rapists,manipulators,etc which it seems is terribly untrue.

    I would much like to meet others like myself. And, as GVGL has suggested, I wonder about others in my life–two of whom I suspect are peds (and both of whom I believe are morally good people)… I’ve come out to three people about my orientation; two of those three stopped speaking to me entirely… So I’m wondering now who’s really my friend, i.e. if I were to totally come out, how many would still stick by me and give me the benefit of the doubt, and how many would run away scared shitless from society’s prejudice? (not to mention who’s going to tip off police to stalk me?)

    Peds, please: post! talk! I know you’re out there. Be smart but be brave. If we all talk at once, we become a movement and combat ignorance. no guilt complexes, be proud of yourself and be careful and kind with the kids. what do you think, gvgl? are we on the same page, should we get a support group together? I’m in NY too. Thank you for this site. First time I’ve been brave enough to post.

    • Ryan M said

      I also am an hebephile, maybe on pedophile – a child lover, and adolescent lover, a girl lover, and a young woman lover (16-23 in RL).

      As you, I love them as an older brother/uncle/teacher type and don’t attempt friendship & romance with a child or adolescent. As you wrote, if “our society more “out” about these orientations and without the terrible prejudices,” if it were permissible for a 24yo man to date 13, 14, 15, 16, 17yo girls, I would have done so!

      As you, I “am disgusted to read articles about men who DO intentionally lure kids places and … rape them” They who use girls or women as sex toys do not love girls as we do!” As you wrote, “despite my orientation, I am nothing like that!”

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